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The 3rd Phenomenon

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The Polarity of Perception

Remember to Remember

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." Colossians 1:16


The Third Phenomenon

The Third Phenomenon compiles insights from first-hand experiences that explore the elevation of consciousness and the intersection of science, spirituality, and religion. It discusses Humanity's Struggle with existence, the Spiritual Trauma of Birth, and the process of Being a Becoming while Becoming a Being. The text delves into the human condition, spiritual trauma, and the journey from a transcendental state to earthly existence, emphasizing the truth of God's spiritual standards and the hope of reconnection with the divine through transcendence



This blog is a personal compilation of insights drawn from first-hand experiences that explore the elevation of consciousness and the intersection of science, spirituality, and religion. At present, we are witnessing a defining moment that highlights foundational, fundamental, and transcendental aspects of becoming and being. In other words, here you will find a personal assemblage of written personal insights from direct experiences that probe the enhancement of consciousness and its confluence with science, spirituality, and faith, all within a creationist framework. We stand at a pivotal moment that underscores the elemental and profound elements of existence and essence.

The odyssey from spiritual potential to tangible being, while miraculous, is inherently arduous, a divine paradox of merging the ethereal with the earthly. Birth embodies the process of spiritual manifestation, a transition from the eternal to temporal existence, marked by a loss of remembrance. Our earthly walk, shadowed by this spiritual deceleration, is beset with challenges absent the grounding of spiritual equilibrium, leading to the human struggle with existential truth and divine disconnection. Our innate, intact transcendence is eclipsed by ignorance of our sacred rights, engendering a spiritual birth trauma — the root of humanity's pain, fear, and susceptibility to negative influences.

We possess a profound, implicit understanding, yet we're prone to deception, ensnared by illusions that beget suffering — a self-inflicted turmoil. God's immutable spiritual standards dictate our reality, His omnipotence and omnipresence framing our existence. This mortal journey is a divine test of endurance, a testament to the ultimate expression of a Creator's love. Despite spiritual amnesia, we are heirs to an incomprehensible transcendental legacy, often living in denial of our true spiritual affluence. My path has been to bear witness to my life's voyage and its revelations. I proclaim the good news: there is but one sovereign God — the Alpha, the Omega, the original Composer of creation.

It is my intent to share narratives which will serve to validate our shared experiences and understandings through my personal examination of my own experiences with consciousness itself. I have learned that God's will is being done regardless of whether I am aware of it or not which has been made abundantly clear to me even through my involuntary participation in the clandestine scrutiny of my existence — a revelatory chapter for many.

The image collection, podcast and historical archive of audio files are meant to provide a testament to an unwavering truth and a beacon of faith in our Creator, the prime Architect. Acknowledging the trials of life, we encounter chances for spiritual awakening — to recall our celestial heritage. We are summoned from slumber to grasp the seamless cycle of life and death, recognizing the divine breath that animates all existence.

We are living expressions of the divine Word, bearing the image of God, whose presence fills the space within and around us. Spiritual trauma leaves us vulnerable to existential disarray. Yet, hope endures through faith and alignment with Jesus Christ, promising restoration. As unique instruments in the cosmic symphony, we are called to contribute our individual melodies, in anticipation of a grand harmonious purpose.

I offer these musings as solace and motivation for those wrestling with belief, to kindle a deeper exploration into the transcendent nature of our origins and purpose.

May these reflections serve as a modest guide toward the light of understanding, the illumination of one's soul in recognition of the intricate and majestic dance between the Creator and the created.


Humanity's Struggle

The truth is that the human species struggles with accepting that something and someone came before and will persist beyond our time. We're from that which is beyond the mind - we are travelers on a journey through the space between our beginning and ending. The now - the precious gift of the present - is that part of ourselves that we experience as the space between then, now and then again. We are fellow spacetime travelers, we are energy in transit, and we are on a journey from that which is beyond the mind to the space between that which is beyond the mind and back again to that which is beyond the mind. In other words, we grapple with the reality that we originate from something, Someone greater, who predates and will outlast us. We're not merely cerebral beings; we're voyagers navigating the continuum from inception to culmination. The present moment is our lived experience, a transient juncture between our past and future. As fellow travelers through time, we embody energy on a pilgrimage from divine origins to their eventual return.

Transcendental Deceleration

For transcendental-organismic beings the process of being a becoming while becoming a being while miraculous is difficult. This paradoxical process of joining non-locality within and with locality is painful and traumatic for all human beings. This is a miraculous process of transcendental deceleration and rife with transcendental-organismic changes. Non-locality becomes coalesced locality forming quantized energy, conceived and launched into the space between through the chute of life. In other words, for us, beings of a transcendent nature, existing and evolving in a complex dance is awe-inspiring yet fraught with difficulty. We endure a strenuous merger of the immaterial with the material realm, manifesting in the tumultuous transition from potential to actuality, as energy solidifies into form through the life-giving process.

Spiritual Trauma of Birth

Inception begins as a participatory process of sentient particles coalescing to form localization coordinates which initialize through the joining of two into a union of conception which begins as an ongoing process of becoming through transcendental - organismic states of pre-birth and birth, all of which are an accumulation of transcendental-organismic formations through the coalescence of sentient particles all participating in the integration of non-locality within the holographic frame of locality. In other words, life's genesis is a sacred orchestration of consciousness converging into physical existence, initiated by the union of two, perpetuating through pre- and postnatal transformations. This is a miraculous unfoldment of existence from the spiritual realm to the material, marked by our passage through birth, carrying with us an inherent sanctity and rights that must be recognized and upheld.

Being a Becoming while Becoming a Being

Birth is a process of being a becoming while becoming a being is the manifest expression of that which was, is and forever will be - energy in transit - as a holographic physical frame with spiritual amnesia. Living through and with this form of cosmic deceleration is difficult without dampeners to soften various aspects that affect equilibrium. It is my belief that the degree of spiritual dampening available to the individual directly contributes to the "spiritual comorbidities" of the human condition, otherwise known as "the fallen nature of man". We carry our pre-birth origins with us throughout our journey. We begin as intact participants at a deep zero vantage, embedded within the transcendental substrate of equilibrium. At pre-birth, we are of the transcendental substrate. At birth we are born with inalienable implicit transcendental birth rights that must be explicitly claimed and maintained, else we lose them through forfeiture, lien, theft and abandonment. In other words, birth is the tangible emergence of the eternal — energy on a trajectory through a physical existence marked by spiritual forgetfulness. Navigating this incarnation is a formidable task, where spiritual balance is essential to mitigate the intrinsic 'fallen' aspects of our nature. Our origins and pre-birth equanimity inform our entire earthly sojourn, gifting us with profound, yet often unclaimed, transcendental entitlements.

The human experience is an amalgamation of self-awareness and transformation, an endless journey through a state of being without borders. Through birth, we engage in a cosmic passage, propelled from non-locality to locality, energy materializing into life. Our entrance into the world is a convergence of spirit into matter, a continuum from preexistence to physicality, characterized by a chorus of sentient particles aligning within this holographic experience we call life. A divine sequence of birth ushers us into existence — a journey marked by spiritual upheaval and transformation from formlessness to form, epitomized by our initial cries of arrival.

The Fallen Nature of Man

We cause ourselves and one another great suffering and yet we are a persistent species and seem to be more comfortable with struggling with truth than living with acceptance. It is that we have the capacity to understand and that we have the ability to cope with the truth. The truth has been hidden for so long that there is a priming towards avoiding acceptance through denial and the fear laden rhythms of consolation, accepting advice and counsel from the last place finisher, the also ran's, the counterfeit "chief's", enchanted by the muse along with all the rest of the "could've been a contender" compilations, contemplation's and lamentations that lead so many to choose their own delusional illusions, their disease ridden deceiver's and defiler's who, having been cast out for being unfit and conduct unbecoming by reasons of spiritual insanity, strive to keep their game of musical chairs going ignoring the dwindling circle of chairs believing the tide of spiritual poverty floodwater rising is good - for them, unable to turn away from the shadowy figures on the wall, shackled, chained, imprisoned, the cave filling, all drowning victims bound to the watery tomb of their own making. The spiritually insane do not know what they are doing. They never have and never will.

The truth

God's spiritual standards are non-negotiable. He tells us this over and over. He is the protector, the creator, The First Being, that which is beyond the mind. His standards, his will, his way. This is the truth.

This is the training ground for each of us. This experience of life as human beings is the toughest form of love a parent could provide their children. Amnesia notwithstanding, we are born with a transcendental wealth beyond the imagination - and yet we live a life of denial, sighted blindness, poverty, confusion and fear. The riches of this world are the spiritual detritus of the impoverished soul. That's the truth.

The true miracle of the ages is the grace of God experienced as the gift of life in each breath we receive. The polarity of perception is that we have been and continue to receive His resonant tone of creation which is the truth of God's grace, love and light. Reflected when we remember to remember.

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." Colossians 1:16



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