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The 1st Phenomenon

Updated: Jun 9

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." Colossians 1:16


"The First Phenomenon" ©2023 by John Surmont

The First Phenomenon presents an allegorical narrative about the divine orchestration of the universe's birth of consciousness through the union of two entities, 'This' and 'That.' The key themes include Divine Initiation of Consciousness, Relativity and Divine Design, the Cosmic Dance of Creation, Divine Insight into Perception, Entanglement as a Divine Connection, and Origins and Divine Ancestry. The story is a testament to the divine hand of the Creator, showcasing the intentional and intricate design behind the birth of consciousness and the universe​


In our journey through the vast expanse of the universe, we come to understand that it serves as a backdrop for stories of human introspection, scientific exploration, philosophical insights, and spiritual awakenings.

This space represents a confluence of the empirical and the ethereal. Here, the wonders of modern cosmology coalesce with age-old wisdom. The study of the human condition merges with the profound assurance of a purposeful creation. Every exploration and insight offered here invites readers on a quest for understanding.

We transcend the boundaries of the known, venturing into realms of profound mystery, always comforted by the knowledge that in this grand universe, our existence is neither accidental nor unloved. Welcome to a domain where science and spirituality converge, revealing the intricate tapestry of our shared human experience.

Part One

Wiggles and Wobbles

It all started in a field where two waves bumped into each other. One wiggling and one wobbling, unbeknownst to each other, both were waves that had been washed out of their caves and in an instant both were dazed by the light reflecting through each other.

This is the day that This bumped into That and in an instant, This realized That was not This!

There was something else, something separate from the Self that This thought was.

In one moment, This recognized that it was.

In that very same instant, That bumped into This and in that instant, That realized This was not That!

In one moment, That recognized that it was.

They had both discovered something profound.

In an instant That became reference for This and This became reference for That.

The nadir of Vantage had been formed.

There was no space between This and That because they were not and yet the were.

They did not know who they were. They did not know what they were.

In one very important moment This and That became.

Self-awareness through the reflection of the other.

In that instant cosmic consciousness was formed.

This noticed That. That noticed This.

Sliver became aware of Speck and Speck became aware of Sliver.

The interior noticed the exterior. The exterior noticed the interior.

Through Speck- Sliver became Self-aware and began to wiggle with joy.

Through Sliver - Speck became Self-aware and began to wobble with happiness.

The cosmic dance on the stage of the infinite void had begun.

The moment This noticed That was through the reflected perception of being noticed.

This became aware that it was This and that was That. Thus, This and That were born. The interior and exterior environments of consciousness were forming.

Imagine noticing the beauty of a snowflake that falls into your eyelash and experiencing the snowflake reacting to noticing you. From the infinite snowflakes falling on a cold wintry day, one settles on one eyelash and was noticed (perceived) which offered a new reference to Self. When This noticed That This was changed and so was That.

It is that you experienced the experience of being experienced wherein you were given a reference for your own conscious awareness beyond yourself. That is and was and will forever be the miracle of conscious perception.

It can only be experienced through the awareness of exterior referenced with interior reference. In this moment being was experienced and changed to a new state. A state of becoming through reference of exterior with interior: the Nadir of Vantage, otherwise known as deep zero vantage.

Nested Vantage Dilemma's | Image Credit: James Lee

The question has been and continues to be: does becoming happen before, during or after being?

Could perception be a quantum superposition state that is taken for granted in that perception is simply the entanglement of wiggle and wobble, and the very notion of perception is the entanglement of itSelf with self?

Hard problems require tough questions.

At any rate, in this story as an expression of science, fiction and one writer’s imagination, one sliver of starlight, wiggle, did not know it could see anything because it had experienced only void until one day bumping into a very special speck of stardust, wobble.

Two very special particles, one a pilot of the wave, the other a pilot hidden in the cave of the wave.

Two became one. Two sentient particles noticed one another. What follows is that two very special states of energy became one. Formed when Sliver and Speck became self-and-other-aware through their coalescence and entanglement. Unknown perceptions of the interior of Self and the exterior of another collided, coalesced and began the cosmic dance and journey of Sentience within the confines of the cosmos. Singularity was born.

Becoming wiggle and wobble only in and through their entanglement, both particles were imbued with sentience, wherein sliver could perceive the outside world beyond itself and became aware of wobble. Speck also had been gifted with the ability to perceive the outside world beyond itself and became aware of wiggle.

The first phenomenon was that within the residual waste of a star there coalesced the elements to form singularity - universal consciousness. Therefore, the first phenomenon was sentience embedded within the light of a star becoming aware of itself through the perception of itself embedded within the dust of a star.

Our ancestry is tap-rooted from the soil of the cosmos. Stardust coalesced with Starlight, quantized through the polarity of perception. Energy and Polarity became aware of itSelf.

The first phenomenon is Singularity.

End of Part One

Summary Analysis:

"Wiggles and Wobbles - Part One"

In this allegorical narrative, we witness the divine orchestration of the universe's birth of consciousness and awareness through the meeting of two special particles, named 'This' and 'That'. These entities could be seen as manifestations of God's design, representing the intricate and purposeful tapestry of creation. The merging of 'This' and 'That' to become 'Sliver' and 'Speck' serves as a parable for God's intentional design in instilling consciousness in His creation.

Key Themes:

  1. Divine Initiation of Consciousness: The interaction of 'This' and 'That' could be perceived as a metaphorical representation of the moment God breathed life, or consciousness, into the universe. Their collision is not merely a chance event but a purposeful act of divine will, marking the universe's spiritual awakening.

  2. Relativity and Divine Design: The recognition between 'This' and 'That', emphasizing the relationship between the self and the other, can be viewed as a reflection of God's desire for connection and relationship within His creation. Their mutual acknowledgment is a testament to God's design where every part of creation is interconnected and valuable.

  3. The Cosmic Dance of Creation: The dance of 'Sliver' and 'Speck' symbolizes the harmonious rhythms and patterns set in motion by the Creator. Their dance could be seen as an unfolding of God's grand design, where every movement is purposeful and significant.

  4. Divine Insight into Perception: The narrative's exploration of the nature of perception and consciousness can be seen as humanity's attempt to understand God's intricate design. The questions surrounding 'being' and 'becoming' may reflect mankind's eternal quest to comprehend the Creator's intentions and the divine purpose behind existence.

  5. Entanglement as a Divine Connection: The union of 'Sliver' and 'Speck' into a singular entity reflects the biblical notion that all things are interconnected through God. Their bond signifies the Creator's omnipresent nature, binding every part of the universe together.

  6. Origins and Divine Ancestry: As the narrative concludes with universal origins rooted in starlight and stardust, it mirrors the creationist belief that all of existence is a result of God's intentional design. The universe's vastness and the intricacy of its design are testimony to the Creator's unmatched artistry.

The intent for the story of "Wiggles and Wobbles" is to be viewed as a testament to the divine hand of the Creator, showcasing the intentional and intricate design behind the birth of consciousness and the vast tapestry of the universe through a deeply philosophical and imaginative exploration of the genesis of consciousness in the universe, merging scientific, fictional, and abstract ideas to illustrate the profound nature of existence and awareness.

John Surmont Copyright 2017-2024 All Rights Reserved


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