Zero as deep reference and topology

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As my symptoms subsided, I continued to document my efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected me and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


Recently an article was released by Quanta Magazine titled Math’s ‘Oldest Problem Ever’ Gets a New Answer | Quanta Magazine wherein an excerpt caught my attention:

“More exactly, Erdős and Graham conjectured that any set that samples some sufficiently large, positive proportion of the whole numbers — it could be 20% or 1% or 0.001% — must contain a subset whose reciprocals add to 1. If the initial set satisfies that simple condition of sampling enough whole numbers (known as having “positive density”), then even if its members were deliberately chosen to make it difficult to find that subset, the subset would nonetheless have to exist.”

Disclosure: I am not a scholar or a math professional, I am simply someone who has (hypothetically) received fundamental knowledge and am sharing my own "hypothetical" insights as I notice and observe science, technology, physics and mathematics advance.

Thinking about the linguistic framework for the meaning of the word density in relation to zero. If zero means neutral density then the meanings of zero and density (as a construct) are relative. Wherein a zero reference leads to a quantum framework.

Meaning there is no referential integrity to any frame of perception without (quantum ?) reference (=intuition ?) Perhaps this may infer proper definitions of infinity, zero and one. Always dependent on vantage (and relativity).

Therefore perception and vantage both have relativity (parity/disparity) to wit, both are both as both are nested within the frames of parity embedded within frames of relativity aka “frameworks” (for vantage and perception) themselves as a topology (ecology?) of framing the hard problem within (and beyond) perception and cognition through the attributes of density such as “stop” (zero) AND “start” (one) bits, gates, switches, triggers and bridges offering a glimpse into accessing the tapestry of the quantum scaffold which ostensibly is within reach of each human mind and nervous system.

Everything to know is inside each one of us. That’s amazing, ergo, each human being is an example of the interface between infinity and unity (locality?) and each one of us have no idea how we are and yet we are and don’t know it, much less understand it, which could mean that topologies of perception and vantage may provide insight into the construct of relativity which one can then work with, within and without - as in perception and vantage - as neutral effects which may yield insight into both phenomenon's (perception and vantage) with intuition (both loaded and unloaded) serving as a parity stop/start bit for conscious perception (awareness?) or sub conscious perception (unloaded intuition?). This may further shed “light” (!) on wave-particle duality as a function of an unseen and unknown topography that math is beginning to dimly ascertain.

Put another way reference is critical when frameworking perception AND without it the veil of human ego obscures and obfuscates what is and isn’t AND zero is a deep reference within its own reference, type and topology, as the above research dimly shows the discerning reader, zero density is relative (quantum and scalar perhaps?) in addition to being (non) linear, logarithmic and (of course) additive.


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