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Check out curated content from the personal collection of reflections, insights and firsthand accounts of my experiences as a research and experimental test subject for the elevation of consciousness.

This is my personal archive and is maintained as a service to the public.

As my symptoms subsided, I continued to document my efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected me and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


Hard to believe that this is a family photo of our entire human family and the all the rest of sentient life that we know of within the cosmos.

"The dilemma of mankind’s nested vantage is sighted blindness. Humans have the ability to see nothing while being blind to the something in which nothing is." J. Surmont

“A newly processed version of the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” image shows Earth 4 billion miles away from the NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft taken February 14, 1990.” NASA
"Pale Blue Dot" | Image Credit: NASA

[Note: The picture above is a newly processed version of the iconic “Pale Blue Dot” image which shows our home planet, Earth from a distance of 4 billion miles away. The picture was taken from the NASA Voyager 1 spacecraft taken on February 14, 1990. Credit: NASA


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Here is where I share my artistic impressions, insights and understandings in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude.

Long Live The Brotherhood


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