Thoughts on Intoxication and Karma

Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast with Edward Slingerland I heard the statement “Intoxication leads to civilization” prompted my reflection and thoughts on intoxication, love and unity today.

Too much consciousness leads to destabilization and collapse. Intoxication correlates to equilibrium maintenance technology for expanding consciousness as prima facie for the attributes and ecology of intoxication.

A few words as expressions of meaning and healing.





Being is accepting. Love is acceptance expressed to self and others manifest of and through care compassion hope faith dignity and freedom.

When do words as expressions of meaning and healing become toxic?

Roots of toxic language are words that are unloving, exclusionary and laced with compressive language as well as subjective reference of self as separate from others as evidence for or against other subjective reference points.

Perhaps karma is the toxin leading to distressing stressing selfish self-centered me focused pathways of self loathing and hate.

Hate cannot be defeated with hate.

Undoing is karmic and toxic and dangerous.

Love is the key and the lock is acceptance.

Hate disappears with acceptance.


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