The Polarity of Perception

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Check out curated content from the personal collection of reflections, insights and firsthand accounts of John Surmont's experiences as a research and experimental test subject for the elevation of consciousness.

This is John's personal archive and is maintained as a service to the public.

As John's symptoms subsided, he continued to document his efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected John and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


I once studied improv and learned beautiful lessons from only two rules. Accept and Advance. I also memorized and delivered the famous monologue from Shakespear's Hamlet. The first lines of the famous monologue are "To be or not to be." The next line is "that is the question."

During my experience with elevated consciousness and connection to unexplained phenomena it occurred to me that the meaning of this question was an important one. Here is an insight I wrote some time ago and thought it a worthwhile share today.


One of the most famous questions posed by William Shakespear's Hamlet character in Romeo and Juliet was "To be or not to be?". As someone who has experienced and found resolution with my own existential crisis, this was a fundamental insight for me, and I thought I'd share my learnings here.


I've broken the question down into segments in order to build a fundamentally coherent response for each human being given the cosmic nature of consciousness and the fundamental truth that being is a process of becoming and becoming is an energetic state of perpetuity.

The answer to the first part of the question is given, manifest at your inception, decided by those before you on your behalf. The fact that you are is evidence that you're being is a fundamental necessity. By your very existence you are a fundamental law of nature. That you are is evidence for this statement which leads to the conclusion lies in your own consciousness, your own state of being. The question of “not being” is a non sequitur. It is an impossibility.

Once you recognize and accept this then there is only the recognition and ultimate acceptance that “being” transcends “not being” as there is no such thing as a distinction between the two. If you accept that your consciousness transcends your understanding of what it means and is “to be”, there is no such thing as “not being”.

There is simply consideration in appreciation for all states of being as being is always a process of becoming.


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Here is where I share my artistic impressions, insights and understandings in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude.

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