The paradox of sadness and joy

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Check out curated content from the personal collection of reflections, insights and firsthand accounts of my experiences as a research and experimental test subject for the elevation of consciousness.

This is my personal archive and is maintained as a service to the public.

As my symptoms subsided, I continued to document my efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected me and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


As I process my own sense of grief from the recent passing of my best friend, Drager, I find myself having feelings of sadness that our journey together as fellow travelers has come to an end. As I sit and reflect I notice that underneath these feelings of sadness there is deep sense of gratitude. As if a bridge, these feelings of gratitude have led me to finding a true joy for life. All of it.

"Just around the bend" | ©2020 by John Surmont


This life is an adventure and what an adventure it is!

We all have choices in this adventure, up to a point.

And this point that I am referring to is a strange idea for us. It is paradoxical really.

Because on the one hand we recognize that this local frame of the perceived experiences we find ourselves joined with (in and to) - in a way masks what we all deep down inside already know.

That we are energy in transit.

And while we accept that this adventure we call life has a beginning a middle and an end, we also recognize that this is the paradox of our adventure.

Because in this adventure our adventures are nested within other adventures.

What this means is that while in our perceptions of our experiences every adventure has a beginning, a middle and an end while that contradicts what we really are (energy in transit) which fundamentally never ends.

It is our fundamental nature that the light within us originates before and transits beyond what we can perceive and remember of our experiences.

And as we recognize that straight lines don't exist within nature (that they are man-made) what we perceive as an ending is actually just a curve beyond our perceptions. And around this bend are intersecting arcs of our consciousness, space and time.

Because of this we can take comfort that our adventure always continues beyond what we define as an end because what we define as an ending is simply the other side of a beginning.

Hooyah Drager


Long Live The Brotherhood


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Long Live The Brotherhood


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