The paradox of entanglement

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Check out curated content from the personal collection of reflections, insights and firsthand accounts of John Surmont's experiences as a research and experimental test subject for the elevation of consciousness.

This is John's personal archive and is maintained as a service to the public.

As John's symptoms subsided, he continued to document his efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected John and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


Doing is not being. Saying is not being. Thinking is not being.

Being is the process of becoming.

Acceptance is the fly wheel of perception and the state of becoming.

Proper vantage can be found within the deep recognition and acceptance of self as an embedded participant within the expression of all that is, will be and ever was.

Whether you see it or not, whether you know it or not, you are it.

All of it.

Insight: Locality is 'reality' within the unification of knotty woven clusters of sentient particles participating in the entanglement (twisted intersection) of infinity. Deep Zero Vantage is the manifolded interface between two singularities, which are nested within supersymmetry also known as the unified perception of the veil of perception hidden within the void.

Supersymmetry of singularity is unity which is the paradox of entanglement. Divinity is the existence of localized consciousness within both singularities simultaneously.

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Here is where I share my artistic impressions, insights and understandings in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude.

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