The Infinite Within

"Given proper vantage one moment in time is every moment of all time." J. Surmont
I AM | Image Credit: John Surmont

Arcs of Light Armed

With poor eyesight

Energy’s delight

Cosmic journey

Hero’s plight

There we are

Rippling across time

Foamy nests roaming

Starlight sand

and water forming

hearts, minds

and hands

Time as a fractal of space

Symphonic coherence scaling

Harbingers of light prevailing

Casted reflections on a face

Walls within

Of the mind

Both compelling and divine

Free to be with what is

As is entered forthwith

Endured herein The all speaks

Listen within Where the cool

Bindings of ancestry

Begin, end and begin again

Find that space within

Where no ego

Coercion or force

Can be found because

No One is the only one around

Within this preordained

Saga of the infinite within

Everything you are manifest

Expressed as everything

You can and cannot see


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