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The Infinite Within

Updated: Jun 5

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." Colossians 1:16


The Infinite Within

The Infinite Within features the poem "Arcs of Light," reflecting on the grand design and intentionality of a divine Creator. Themes include God's Grand Design, Eternal Creation, Fractals of God's Design, Inner Divine Connection, The Eternal Cycle of Creation, Finding God Within, and Universal Love. The poem is a celebration of creation and divine love, urging readers to seek and recognize the divine essence in all aspects of existence​

In our journey through the vast expanse of the universe, we come to understand that it serves as a backdrop for stories of human introspection, scientific exploration, philosophical insights, and spiritual awakenings.


This space represents a confluence of the empirical and the ethereal. Here, the wonders of modern cosmology coalesce with age-old wisdom. The study of the human condition merges with the profound assurance of a purposeful creation. Every exploration and insight offered here invites readers on a quest for understanding.

We transcend the boundaries of the known, venturing into realms of profound mystery, always comforted by the knowledge that in this grand universe, our existence is neither accidental nor unloved. Welcome to a domain where science and spirituality converge, revealing the intricate tapestry of our shared human experience.


Summary Analysis:

"Arcs of Light" The poem "Arcs of Light" can be read as a profound reflection on the grand design and intentionality of a divine Creator. Through evocative imagery and a series of interconnected themes, it explores the wonder of existence, the interplay of light and energy, and the intricate dance of time and space.

Key Themes:

  1. God's Grand Design: "Energy’s delight" and "Cosmic journey" can be perceived as nods to the Creator's divine energy and grand plan for the universe. The "hero's plight" might symbolize mankind's journey through God's meticulously crafted world, seeking understanding and purpose.

  2. Eternal Creation: The lines "Rippling across time" and "Starlight sand and water forming hearts, minds, and hands" evoke the idea of a divine hand shaping and guiding the universe. It's a beautiful representation of God's continuous act of creation, nurturing both the vast cosmos and the intricacies of human existence.

  3. Fractals of God's Design: "Time as a fractal of space" and "Symphonic coherence scaling" can be seen as reflections on the multifaceted and interconnected nature of God's creation. Every aspect, from the largest celestial body to the tiniest particle, bears the imprint of His design.

  4. Inner Divine Connection: The poem speaks of "Walls within" and emphasizes the divinity present within our minds. This can be understood as the Creator's voice or presence, guiding and speaking to us from within, reminding us of our divine heritage.

  5. The Eternal Cycle of Creation: "The all speaks", and the notion of ancestry beginning, ending, and beginning again echoes the eternal nature of God's creation. It emphasizes the cyclical nature of existence, a continuous rebirth and renewal under God's watchful eye.

  6. Finding God Within: "Find that space within" advises seekers to connect with the divine essence inside every soul. The idea that "No One is the only one around" can be seen as an acknowledgment of God's omnipresence.

  7. Universal Love: The poem concludes with a powerful affirmation of love, which in a creationist perspective, can be seen as the boundless love of the Creator. The relational terms "you and me", "what you are", and "I am" echo the biblical "I Am" - a name of God, emphasizing His encompassing nature and His relationality with all of creation.

The poem "Arcs of Light" emerges as a tribute to the Creator's divine design, from the vast expanses of the universe to the intimate depths of the human soul. It celebrates the intricate and purposeful nature of creation, urging readers to seek and recognize the divine love embedded in every aspect of existence.

"Given proper vantage one moment in time is every moment of all time." J. Surmont
I AM | Image Credit: John Surmont

Arcs of Light Armed

With poor eyesight

Energy’s delight

Cosmic journey

Hero’s plight

There we are

Rippling across time

Foamy nests roaming

Starlight sand

and water forming

hearts, minds

and hands

Time as a fractal of space

Symphonic coherence scaling

Harbingers of light prevailing

Casted reflections on a face

Walls within

Of the mind

Both compelling and divine

Free to be with what is

As is entered forthwith

Endured herein The all speaks

Listen within Where the cool

Bindings of ancestry

Begin, end and begin again

Find that space within

Where no ego

Coercion or force

Can be found because

No One is the only one around

Within this preordained

Saga of the infinite within

Everything you are manifest

Expressed as everything

between you and me

including what you


and I am

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