The Drager Axiom

In Memoriam: My friend Drager passed away peacefully the evening of March 9th, 2020. He fought to the very end and was never out of the fight.

He was loved very much by all who knew him. He taught me so many lessons in the example he set that I will do my very best to share them over time.

Drager's love is magical and I can still feel his presence. Thank you Drager for being the best friend I could have ever asked for. Rest In peace brother.

My Best Friend Drager | ©2020 by John Surmont

The primary lesson my friend Drager taught is what I call The Drager Axiom which means that the relationship dynamic between supporting and supported is not impervious to the forces of nature. The cared for will become the giver of care and vice versa. You don't know when or why or how but you can count on it.

Why I named my dog Drager.

I named my Australian shepherd Drager as an homage to the German pioneer of the system that as a SEAL I spent a lot of time trusting to sustain my life. So, when I transitioned from uniformed service I wanted a name for my dog would that would serve as a reminder that life support comes in many forms.

One interesting note: The Drager origin story was pioneering the beer tap. To think we SEAL's sip oxygen underwater from a beer tap designed to comfort lonely hearts in dark taverns was astounding to me.

I love Drager, I like beer, need oxygen and love so it seemed to make sense.

Hooyah Drager, Hooyah Brothers.

Long Live The Brotherhood



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