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This is your intuition. Which is simply an interstitial intersection.
"Consciousness within the scaffold of spacetime" | ©2020 by John Surmont

Satori Insights


  • Sentience is derived from the participatory process of coalescing particles of energy in transit.

  • Sentient particles are natives of non-locality and travelers of the quantum scaffold.

  • Non-locality and locality are a function of the solubility of sentience within the quantum scaffold.

  • Wave particle duality informs that intuition is a participatory process and that observation and perception are quantum in nature.


  • Being is a process, becoming is a state. Perceptions are reflections, dissolve and are always replaced.

  • Localized consciousness is the cosmic twist of this singularity. Singularity is the nested paradox of infinity and unity.

  • Perception is a reflection of consciousness which is the magnification of quantum energetic processes.

  • Consciousness is a light-bearing process. Perception is a light-less process. Perceptions are shadows and cannot withstand the weight of consciousness.


  • What you are at your most fundamental level are light-borne particles in transit. Your deep source "knows this" which is derived from the intuition within each particle of light that comprises the "you" that "you are".

  • Localized sentience (your consciousness) is a form of superposition derived from participatory interactions between sentient particles, the quantum field, magnetism and gravity.

  • Consciousness rests at the surface of the universal energy field much like soapy bubbles rest on the surface of dishwater in your kitchen sink.

  • Proper vantage informs the observer that infinity is not a straight line, it is a widely arcing oval with a twist. Proper vantage requires a quantum state of observation. Your state of consciousness as the observer, through complete perception and can be experienced and plotted as a coordinate of perception, situated within a sea of non-locality plotted along the arc of a twisted oval that is infinity nested within singularity.


  • The quantum process of coalesced sentience, magnetism and gravity is experienced and expressed through consciousness and not perception.

  • The integration of sentience within the quantum scaffold as an interaction of consciousness, gravity and magnetism.

  • Quantum entanglements experienced through consciousness and perception are defined as the present moment.

  • Quantum states are universal in direction. Directionality of time is a function of perception and not consciousness.

"Energy in Transit" | Image Credit: NASA


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