Perception as paint, consciousness as canvas, Behavior as the paintbrush

Perception as Paint

  • Being is a process, becoming is a state. Perceptions are reflections, dissolve and are always replaced.

  • Localized consciousness is the cosmic twist of this singularity. Singularity is the nested paradox of infinity and unity.

  • Perception is a reflection of consciousness which is the magnification of quantum energetic processes.

Consciousness as Canvas

  • What you are at your most fundamental level are light-borne particles in transit. Your deep source "knows this" which is derived from the intuition within each particle of light that comprises the "you" that "you are".

  • Localized sentience (your consciousness) is a form of superposition derived from participatory interactions between sentient particles, the quantum field, magnetism and gravity.

  • Consciousness rests on the surface of the universal energy field much like soapy bubbles rest on the surface of dishwater in your kitchen sink.

  • Proper vantage informs the observer that infinity is not a straight line, it is a widely arcing oval with a twist. Proper vantage requires a quantum state of observation.

  • Your state of consciousness as the observer through mindfulness can be experienced and its locality plotted as a coordinate of perception situated within a sea of non-locality plotted along the arc of a twisted oval that is infinity nested within singularity.

Behavior as Paintbrush

  • Behavior is the manifestation, extension, expression and is the embodiment of the participatory mid-ground process.

  • The participatory process that constitutes your reality as a cooperative artistic expression on display within the gallery of spacetime from the perspective of the cosmos.

  • What this means is that you are a divine artistic masterpiece on display - just the that way you are.

  • Every "brush" stroke by you and others is an artistic expression whether you know it, accept it or not.

On the ecology of perception and consciousness

If the human condition were a painting, in the foreground one would perceive divine individuation. In this painting of the human condition what humans are would then comprise the background entirely regardless of perception.

And now then it stands to reason that in this painting of the human condition that the observed perception of background and foreground are embedded within the experience of the mid ground. The mid ground then is a participatory process of participatory processes defined by your perception as your consciousness.

Perception is the paint, consciousness is the canvas, behavior is the paint brush.

Photo Credit: John Surmont copyright 2020
"Impressions of Solitude" ©2020 by The AdlerianFrog 


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