Further Reflections on Consciousness

Nests, Arcs & Intersections | ©2020 by John Surmont

As a linguistic framework for developing a mathematical model of consciousness.


  • What you are at your most fundamental level are light-borne particles in transit. Your deep source "knows this" which is derived from the intuition within each particle of light that comprises the "you" that "you are".

  • Localized sentience (your consciousness) is a form of superposition derived from participatory interactions between sentient particles, the quantum field, magnetism and gravity.

  • Consciousness rests on the surface of the universal energy field much like soapy bubbles rest on the surface of dishwater in your kitchen sink.

  • Proper vantage informs the observer that infinity is not a straight line, it is a widely arcing oval with a twist. Proper vantage requires a quantum state of observation.

  • Your state of consciousness as the observer (O1), through mindfulness (spirituality) can be experienced (O1z) and plotted as a coordinate of perception(Px) situated within a sea of non-locality (Py) plotted along the arc of a twisted oval that is infinity nested within singularity.

The perception of unity (aka the sense of “being” or the sensation of ‘self”) is a derivative function of vantage.

The cosmic constant that is consciousness (local and nonlocal) is the present is the past is the future is the present. Note: Block Time (as it were) is actually circular in reference.

The constant is that localized perception presents an amnesiac boundary to which we already know.

The surprise is that we are surprised when we remember - that our consciousness is not what is localized.

It is our perception of our consciousness when localized - that we experience - not universal consciousness itself.

Time is the localized coordinate of perception.

Nested deep within you is the truth of your consciousness - paradoxically you are a quantum entanglement in transit housed within entropic scaffolding of the physical frame manifest as the human being that is you.

This means that being is always a process of becoming.

Insight’s are nested within the appendages of perception (vantage, lens and focus).

Change the appendage, change the perception. [Surmont insight Axiom]


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