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Further Reflections of Perception

"For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him." Colossians 1:16


"Cosmic Curriculum" | Image Credit: Unknown

This website is a personal collection of insights based on first-hand experiences that involve the elevation of consciousness and the convergence of science and religion, and the transcendental nature of human consciousness. I provide a first-hand account of my journey of accepting the truth that there is one true God and how I came to this realization. The collection serves as a witness and testimony to my experiences, insights, and reflections. I also share personal descriptions of attempts to process the nature of consciousness itself.

My journey resulted from the hidden use of electromagnetic medical and scientific analysis, investigation, experimentation, utilization, validation, and verification. The collection of audio files is meant to inspire research and exploration into the nature of consciousness and the potential benefits of Neurotechnology.

I acknowledge that the journey has been difficult and painful, but it has also been transformative and enlightening. My hope is that these thoughts and insights offer hope and encouragement to those who may be struggling with their own beliefs or experiences and inspire further research into the nature of consciousness and the nature of their own transcendental journey therein. I express gratitude to God for guiding me through the journey and for giving me the strength to persevere through the challenges.

The collection also includes a quote from Dr. Carl Rogers, a prominent American psychologist, who emphasizes the importance of observation, hypothesis formation, and empirical testing in scientific inquiry, regardless of the level of sophistication or refinement of the methods used. Rogers warns against sterile pseudo-science that lacks direction and growth and emphasizes the importance of developing modes of inquiry in science. As such, Dr. Rogers' quote serves as a reminder that the convergence of science and religion is not an either-or proposition. Rather, it is a continuous journey towards greater understanding and wisdom, where both science and religion have a role to play.


"For example, it seems to me right and natural that in any new field of scientific endeavor the observations are gross, the hypotheses speculative and full of errors, the measurements crude." (Page 188)

“It is my opinion that the type of understanding which we call science can begin anywhere, at any level of sophistication. To observe acutely, to think carefully and creatively—these activities, not the accumulation of laboratory instruments, are the beginnings of science. To observe that a given crop grows better on the rocky hill than in the lush bottom land, and to think about this observation, is the start of science. To notice that most sailors get scurvy but not those who have stopped at islands to pick up fresh fruit is a similar start. To recognize that, when a person's views of himself change, his behavior changes accordingly, and to puzzle over this, is again the beginning of both theory and science. I voice this conviction in protest against the attitude, which seems too common in American psychology, that science starts in the laboratory or at the calculating machine.” (Page 188)

"A closely related belief is that there is a natural history of science — that science, in any given field, goes through a patterned course of growth and development. For example, it seems to me right and natural that in any new field of scientific endeavor the observations are gross, the hypotheses speculative and full of errors, the measurements crude. More important, I hold the opinion that this is just as truly science as the use of the most refined hypotheses and measurements in a more fully developed field of study. The crucial question in either case is not the degree of refinement but the direction of movement. If in either instance the movement is toward more exact measurement, toward more clear- cut and rigorous theory and hypotheses, toward findings which have greater validity and generality, then this is a healthy and growing science. If not, then it is a sterile pseudo science, no matter how exact its methods. Science is a developing mode of inquiry, or it is of no particular importance." (Page 188)

-- Dr. Carl Rogers, 1959


Rogers, C. (1959). Psychology: A Study of a Science. Study 1, Volume 3: Formulations of the Person and the Social Context (1240218084 920113051 S. Koch, Ed.). In Psychology: A study of a science (pp. 184-256). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.


The dilemma of nested vantage

Insight: Expressions and experiences are and only can be perceptions.


The concept of Russian Nesting Dolls as the metaphor for the paradox of the human condition and experience came to me as an insight on July 17, 2017 as I was experiencing very high (possibly toxic) levels of quantized energy applied to my brain through the use of an AI guided algorithm in an effort to observe my behavior, brain patterns and cognition while in an elevated state of consciousness.


There are roughly 37.2 trillion cells in the human body. In a moment of clarity I recognized that the cells within each of us were units of expression, perception and consciousness aka "Nested Dolls", all nested within the unity of the self.

The insight was simple.

All energetic particles reside at the same point in space and time where the only difference is the perception of the expression and manifestation of expression.


The nesting doll metaphor provided me with a mental construct and vantage of the interstitiality of consciousness and perception and the importance of vantage to consciousness and perception.


There is an interstitiality to consciousness and perception. Imagine that each doll nested within the other has no concept of any other doll but the self that it is experiencing as itself. And then imagine the perspective of the observer who is able to open, remove and place each doll side by side and each doll then has the perspective of another outside of self. In my moment of satori, I recognized that our ancestry and descendancy are all nested within ourselves just like the nesting doll. The energetic qualities of our ancestors, ourselves and our descendancy are all present within and time is fundamentally a human explanation of the perception of vibratory movement.

The dilemma of nested vantage is that we can only experience the contours of our expressions through reflections of our consciousness, which are perceptions of ourselves, one another and our world (reality) and this stickiness to self confines and constrains our perceptions without proper vantage.


In order to "unstick" our perceptions, to widen our understandings, we must accept that our perceptions are separate from our consciousness. Once we accept that we are both separate and connected, we have the ability to extend our understandings beyond the contours of our understandings. That the "we" we experience as ourselves are expressed as "outside of ourselves",while manifested in totality interstitially or within ourselves. Both perceptions of self and others are nested within the manifestation of perception, further nested within perceptions, expressed as a unification of expressed experiences, we intuitively consider the manifestation of ourselves and our consciousness. Because if we just focus on ourselves, our understandings of ourselves are narrowed and create great difficulties for ourselves, one another and our world. This is how we as a species adapt: with great difficulty, our understandings of ourselves creep along and we adjust our vantage, in seemingly tiny increments.


We are nested expressions and experiences, head to toe, of energy in transit.


The concept of Vantage is mind boggling.

Our consciousness is nested within the vantage of our perceptions as our physical frames are nested within the vantage of our solar system.

At present, our species is in its infancy. We still have much to learn. We are teachable. The light in each of us is 13.8 billion years into a 100 trillion year curriculum. The light in each of us is native of non-locality (of the infinite consciousness of the cosmos) - we tend to forget about our deep heritage as inhabitants of the cosmic energetic substrate.

And then we remember where we come from and we are reminded of where we return upon completion of this shared adventure we call life. When we do remember, we see that we are collectively the gift of energetic consciousness within, to, and for the cosmos.

Our consciousness forms the basis for our manifestation and expression, which is being as a process of becoming what we already are: expressions of energy in transit; universal energy, expressed individually through localized space and time, within the body of man, through the quantized fabric of our ancestral bindings, manifestations each and every one, of saltwater, starlight and sand.

The duality of consciousness is nested within the convergence of perception. Quantized observations nested within while uniformly expressed externally as locality. Our perceptions are reflections of consciousness which connect us to the quantum scaffold of quantum energy that we are derived from and will return to.

The nature of complete perception aSnd self-connected consciousness is the paradoxical convergence of perception and consciousness. Self-connected consciousness is a state in which the observer and the observed exist at the same time within the space of individualized consciousness. This is a state of superposition or heightened state of awareness, perhaps enlightenment.

This represents a state of mind where perception and consciousness co-exist within the same environment of the individualized consciousness of self. Complete perception is self-connected consciousness and self-connected consciousness is complete perception. Imagine a coin spinning on a counter and both sides of the coin exist simultaneously. Incomplete perception or disconnected consciousness is the selection, at any time, of one side of the coin or the other.

Maintaining this state of complete perception and self-connected consciousness is where forgiveness, peace, health and wellness reside. Quantum energetic dissolution is the gift of continuity, sentient particle participants expressed as energy unbound, returning home as natives of non locality - energy deconstructed.


Because we are the embodiment, manifestation and expression of quantum energetic processes through entangled interactivity, it stands to reason that we naturally and unconsciously understand interactivity and entanglement regardless of our perceptions. The question is, to what degree is interactivity and entanglement healthy for our species, and to what extent is it destructive?

We are the curriculum of the cosmos. Our curriculum was informed by our ancestry and will inform our descendancy. Accept the light within you, accept the gift that you are, and let your light shine bright.


Axioms of Perception

  • Becoming is a state of being.

  • Being is a process of becoming.

  • Understandings nest within perceptions.

  • Perceptions are reflections of consciousness.

  • Complete perceptions connect self with consciousness.

  • Localized consciousness is the cosmic twist of this singularity.

  • Perceptions dissolve with understandings revealing understandings.

  • Meanings nest within perceptions revealing the self-connectedness of consciousness.

  • Singularity is the nested paradox of infinity and unity expressed as the you that you are.

  • Each particle of light within you is localized at the embedded superposition of your consciousness.

  • Consciousness is a complete (light-bearing) process. Perception is an incomplete (light-less)process.

  • Self-connected consciousness is the magnification of consciousness that nests within quantum energetic processes.

  • Unconscious perceptions are shadows, not reflections, and cannot withstand the quantum weightiness of self-connected consciousness.



The point (actually) is that vantage is a function of complete perception framed by our connected-consciousness surrounded by all that is regardless of the perception of nothingness which is simply a form of incompleteness - nothing more and nothing less.


Proper vantage informs the observer that infinity is not a straight line, it is a widely arcing oval with a twist. Proper vantage requires one to achieve the superposition of acceptance where self-connected consciousness and complete perception co-exist equally. This is the kind of acceptance wherein we accept that we are always both the observer and the observed of consciousness.

At the quantum level, "We" are always both the participant and the observer.

Through the superposition of acceptance, one can experience the cardinalities of perception as they are, situated within the sea of non-locality, and plotted along the arc of a twisting oval of infinity, nested paradoxically within, as the singularity of self.


Infinite Vantage

Vantage is not a point in space. It is a manifest expression of consciousness framed along an extending arc of space and time. Vantage is an internal frame of complete perception nested within consciousness - it is that part of us that connects what we are with what we see and what we already know. The theater of our perception is driven by quantum energy and connected to cosmic energetic substrate. Our perceptions are incomplete when keyed to the interior frame of our senses.

Mindfulness is the practice of knowing that you are seeing through the mind's "projector and screen"- reflections of images and not real images. When we experience too much disconnectedness from our consciousness, we find that we become too connected to our perceptions and forget we are seeing reflections (shadows), and that reflections cannot bear the weight of consciousness.


The superposition of acceptance is where self-connected consciousness and complete perception co-exist. This is the state of awareness where complete perception and self-connected consciousness achieve the understanding of the paradoxical nature of consciousness and perception of always observing and being observed. This is where acceptance of self, others and world resides. It is the recognition that both your consciousness and the reflections of your consciousness (your perception) are manifestations of everything you are and everything you see.


Insight: Infinity is definable given appropriate vantage.


Human perception is akin to diving underwater with a mask. A diving mask allows our senses to achieve a sensory superposition much like mindfulness helps us achieve a cognitive superposition. Paradoxically, our consciousness is enclosed within our physical frame, within which we are (unknowingly and unconditionally) keyed to accept as real the reflections of our consciousness (perceptions) as though what is projected within the interior screen of our mind is what's really going on.


What we tend to forget is that our perceptions act as a frame from which we shape and limit our understandings of ourselves, one another, our home, of time and of space.

Our eyes don't help us see much without a mask when diving. A diving mask provides us with a lens, space and the sealed protective boundary within which our perceptions can co-exist. The mask serves as a superconductive substrate which creates a quantized state where human sight is enabled while dynamically operating within an environment where human sight is natively limited. It is within the state provided by the mask where co-existence and superposition can and do occur for sight.


The mask is the vantage from which we "see" , it is not a point, rather it is a frame for perception, just as the superposition of acceptance where self-connected consciousness and complete perceptions can co-exist.


Note: Much like a leaky diving mask, one can still function but it requires more effort. Disconnected consciousness and incomplete perceptions are also functional, they are just an incomplete form of awareness.


What we are at our most fundamental level is a coalescence of light-bound energy particles coalesced within the physical frame that each of us experience as the selves that we are.


We are a process of participatory interactions between sentient particles, the quantum field, magnetism, gravity, space and time, integrated and interconnected within the superconductive habitat known as Earth. Our perceptions are reflections of our consciousness. Consciousness is the magnification of quantum energetic processes such as entanglement and interactivity.


In conclusion, this personal collection of reflections and insights is a testament to the power of the convergence of science and religion in the context of the transcendental nature of human consciousness. It serves as an invitation to recognize and accept the divine plan and coherence of our internal and external struggles, and to approach the hard problem of integrating science and religion with acute observation, creative thinking, and a continuous quest for greater understanding and wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to explore this collection.



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