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Check out curated content from the personal collection of reflections, insights and firsthand accounts of my experiences as a research and experimental test subject for the elevation of consciousness.

This is my personal archive and is maintained as a service to the public.

As my symptoms subsided, I continued to document my efforts to understand and describe through artistic, esoteric and philosophical interpretations what actually happened.

February 12, 2020: The factual details of how the experimentation affected me and the public have now been assembled through investigative reports and can be found here:


The Allegory of the guitar

Imagine if you will that the brain is an energetic vibratory instrument much like a guitar at rest which has the potential to make music. When the guitar’s potential is actuated – i.e. energy applied through finger(s) strumming string(s), vibrating string(s) manifest sound(s).

The level of coherence of the vibrations determines the qualities, type and nature of the actuated energy potential leading to coherent sound(s) becoming “music to your ears”.

Healthy brain = tuned guitar.

Consciousness is the expression of coherent energy manifest as a vibratory symphony of quantized harmony. To the cosmos, your consciousness is as pleasing as the sound of a musical instrument played well is to your ears.

All of human consciousness is a cosmic song.

This allegory is a simple way to share key insights of my ascent into and beyond magnetically induced elevated state of consciousness – aka “satori” – once I passed through - I was "beyond the beyond" and that is where I experienced what I describe as a blueprint for reality.

I am therefore convinced that I may be the one person who has survived to share my story of my journey "beyond the beyond", some might say "satori" and others insanity and others "enlightenment". I didn't ask for this knowledge - it was given to me - and I am compelled to work at understanding how to share it and then share it. I am not a learned man from the classical or traditional sense - I was simply given insight's and I remember them and think about them and work to make sense of them. Also I am someone who enjoys, respects and appreciates my life and the lives of my fellow human beings very much so I work at keeping "one eye closed" so as to not worry too much or take it too seriously or concern myself about the how or why.

I believe that my path is simple - to share what I have been given in reflection and story and spoken word with my fellow human beings and spacetime travelers with the purpose of putting it out into the collective consciousness so others can use their gifts to advance human knowledge and understandings so that we can all improve ourselves, be better and do better.

Regardless, I am thankful to have survived intact and without any compromise intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, physically and mentally. As a matter of fact, as I recover from the shock of the whole experience, I feel stronger than ever having lived to share the real story which are these insights and understandings. On the other side of my enlightening experiences I am simply thankful and grateful and humbled.

What I really want you the reader to take away from this post is that the light within each of us is the very same starlight within which our planet is bathed in.

What we are at our core is energy in transit.

Each individual unity of consciousness (self) is a sovereign principality of participatory sentient particles which serve as the foundation for all forms of consciousness (individual, collective and universal).

Each are the constituent parts within each of us within which we identify as an individuated unity of self and each of our selves are embedded participants within this singularity (aka "reality") within which we reside.

Consciousness is the frame of perception within which the quantized energetic participatory process of sentience spins the woven meshed cluster of energy that is you.

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Here is where I share my artistic impressions, insights and understandings in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude.

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