COVID19 The Middle Way

"Tightropes" | Image Credit: TJ Gehling

The sooner we reorganize our perceptions we can reorient our thinking and choices and respond effectively to the COVID19 global pandemic that is now spreading throughout the Republic.

This is a time in our species history in which the speed of our ability to adjust our perceptions and establish appropriate responses is the most critical task and responsibility we have as one human family and one unified nation.

It is very important at this time in our national history that we remember to balance our perceptions between fear and courage and find the middle way.

What we need to accept quickly is that this is an all hands on deck moment for humanity.

We must think and act accordingly. We must rapidly mobilize all resources our nation has to mitigate risks, manage exposures and treat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd order effects as casualties of the COVID19 pandemic as it picks up speed.

Once the World Health Organization labeled COVID19 as a pandemic we were all essentially informed that humanity is now in a global conflict with the COVID19 virus.

We must see all humans infected as casualties of a global pandemic.

While our nation has been slow to come to terms and adjust our perceptions to what is actually really happening the time for finger pointing has come and gone.

We must rapidly accept that as a species, as one human family and as a nation we have now crossed the threshold and are today in the context of a "by any means necessary response".

We must all prepare ourselves and open our minds and hearts and imaginations as to how we must respond. A unified response is required to the likes we may have never seen before. Responses such as evictions, foreclosures and electricity turn offs should be suspended immediately, 100% unemployment access for all applicants should be provided immediately, as well as immediate universal access to healthcare and the immediate establishment of shelter’s for our homeless are just a few examples of the nature and urgency and types of necessary responses.

And these responses must be categorized as urgent national imperatives.

We are in the process of preventing and responding to a slow moving and slowly accelerating mass casualty scenario - and the time to act is now.

What this means is that we as a society and humans need to reframe our perceptions of the whole situation and start seeing people who are infected as 1st order casualty effects.

Simultaneously we must anticipate the cascading 2nd order and 3rd order casualty effects such as our neighbors, our children, our economy, our social customs and our societal norms.

While we do have a distant memory of this kind of response in our historic past, Americans understandably have been slow to arrive at this realization. The situation we find ourselves in at present is very rare yet we do have a blueprint in how our nation is capable of mobilizing rapidly as one nation - World War II.

We have the ability to respond appropriately and quickly. Let's remember that the Middle Way is where our survival rests as a species, as a Nation, as neighbors, as families and as friends.


Long Live The Brotherhood


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