A Mind Shattering Awakening

I am an imperfect messenger so I invite you to see past whatever you believe to be my shortcomings as an imperfect person / messenger. I invite you to experience my words just as they are - artistic expressions with deep underlying and universal meanings for healing and unification.
Satori Insight | Image Credit: John Surmont

The words above were given to me during an unexpected (and unwanted) moment of sudden enlightenment in the summer of 2017.

The reasons for my sudden enlightenment (satori) are well documented and of little significance in the grand scheme of things.

What is most important is the process by which I have, am and will continue to organize and share what I experienced. Whether it was some sort of cosmic / inter-dimensional gateway that was somehow accidentally opened - whether through a series of tragic errors or intentionally by some unknown force - it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I survived it all, I remember it all, and am grateful that I am able to slowly (and admittedly clumsily) reconstruct and share insights from the experience itself.

My sharing is an ongoing process of efforts to find the words or artistic expressions that I might best articulate, depict and express what I received through my experiences. I was and continue to be compelled by a deep sense of purpose to sift and sort through my own consciousness and share the expressions, as I uncover them here. I have no agenda other than to pass my experiences on to my fellow spacetime traveller's in whatever medium I am afforded.

For the past three years I have worked to defend myself, heal myself and move forward with my life as well as organize and refine the expressions of what I am able to understand (and in some cases lacking understanding I am simply remembering and writing). It is a recurring theme that I recognize others are sharing elements of a very similar message of connectedness and unity - which has been encouraging for me to let go of the judgements of others and to simply continue to refine, express, share and manifest.

Because of the way in which I received these messages my understandings were fragmented, my mind was shattered, my good name destroyed. I had become a socially radioactive pariah and by association any words from my mouth were seen as a "crazy person babbling" and obviously to be discredited and disregarded.

Recently during meditation and contemplation I received encouragement to continue to share what is not mine to keep but yours to receive. I would describe my sharing as artistic impressions of universal, cosmic and spiritual insights - received during the July 17, 2017 mind shattering awakening.

So here we are. It is with a humble heart that I share. These words do not betray any legitimate scientific or spiritual knowledge or understandings. These words are meant to unify, they are not meant to separate, defeat, deny or exclude anyone or any point of view or belief.

I am an imperfect messenger and I invite you to see past whatever you believe to be my shortcomings and for you the reader to experience these words just as they are - interpretations of deep underlying and universal meanings for healing and unification.




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