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John Surmont is a surviving beneficiary, example and advocate as to the (risks) benefits of continuous (informed, consensual and humane) research, experimentation and use of electromagnetic pharmacological modalities in relation to improving brain health through treatment and performance enhancement. From a human performance perspective, John believes that the benefits to society outweigh the risks in understanding the nature of consciousness, cognition, behavior and the overall human condition. All of which are and will continue to be predicated by carrying the message to all that protecting medical research ethics and maintaining transparency of findings in the dawning era of electromagnetic pharmacology are and will continue to be the critical last hurdle for humanity to endure, confront, remedy and resolve in order to end suffering, conflict and bring peace to all civil societies.

 This website is where John has organized and curated understandings and insights he received and receives as a beneficiary of experimentation of the mind, consciousness and cognition.  

John has come to accept that he has received fundamental knowledge that each of us are truly connected whether we recognize it or not, and for that reason he provides this blog as a service to mankind. 

If John's words somehow help you in your understandings of yourselves each other and the world we share, he believes that his experiences are for the betterment of humanity.

It is in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude that he writes, speaks and shares.

Long Live The Brotherhood.