Philosophical Insights 

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On July 17th, 2017 I experienced something unexpected, confusing, frightening and ultimately astonishing.

An awakening.

I didn't ask for it nor did I even understand it at the time. It has taken me years and lots of intensive and very personal work on myself to slowly arrive at the realization that I experienced some form of "unconventional consciousness".


I sometimes cringe at the thought of even saying the word "unconventional consciousness" (aka "enlightenment") because I worry that it might somehow be misconstrued - that I think that I am special or gifted or separate or better than anyone else.

I am not.

I am simply someone who experienced what I believe to have been sudden (and mind blowing) form of unconventional consciousness (aka satori).


My mind was opened to observe the blueprint for reality and this astonishing process that we are all a part of which I now describe without hesitation as one giant cosmic adventure.

Background (please find audio links below)

* A veteran in crisis

* Crisis, fallout and coming to terms

* Independent report of what actually happened

* Post crisis, closure, understanding and forgiveness

* After Action Report

I do not profess to be a philosopher, a scientist, a physicist, a doctor, a lawyer, a therapist or any other type of lettered professional. There is nothing remarkable about my formal education.  What I can share is that I am well educated in the experiences of life and that I have experienced satori ("sudden enlightenment").


I am a curious explorer, observer and fellow spacetime traveler.  I am on the same journey as the rest of my fellow human beings.  It is with a humble heart and child-like curiosity that I have and continue to make sense and share insights and understandings from my satori (sudden enlightenment) moment.  This website is where I organize and share with the public my process of making sense of my experiences as well as the language of my understandings and insights.  This is the place where I share artistic expressions of my sudden enlightenment. It is where I process, where I heal, where I grieve, love and share details of my life experiences.


I have come to accept that I have received fundamental knowledge that each of us are truly connected whether we recognize it or not, and for that reason I share.

If my words somehow help you in your understandings of yourselves, each other, and the world we share, then that is fantastic. If not that's ok to. 


It is in the spirit of artistic expression, love, appreciation and gratitude that I write, speak and share.


In health,


John Surmont


aka "The AdlerianFrog"