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Welcome to Cosmic Reflections, a journey that explores the intricate interplay between science and The Truth.  Here we will endeavor to explore the Creator, Great Spirit, God and His timeless cosmological framework, we will attempt to reveal The Truth of His intentional and intelligent design along with the perfect precision of his making that we might see. 


The transcendental image of Him throughout creation and in all things, at all times and throughout every vaulted space.  Everything has been and is imbued with and only through and because of His authorship. Who is He that is, was and always will be?  He is the Great Spirit, Source, The Most High, Creator, God.


The Most High - none before Him and none like Him.

Here I invite you to join me as I piece together my myriad personal lived experiences of traversing human and cosmic terrain through the lens cosmic reflections of our Author, Creator, Spirit, Source, Most High, , ,through his divine grace, as an exploration of the infinitely profound nature of our story which is His story.


This journey serves as a call to action for non-believers, believers and seekers alike, encouraging them to embrace the profound reality that we are not accidents, that we are  purposeful creations of God.


Whether grounded in faith, on a quest for truth, or harboring skepticism, remember that every exploration, whether scientific or spiritual, holds the promise of transformation and revelation of The Truth rooted in the loving intentionality of the One, The Most High, Source, The Great Spirit, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creator of all beings, all things, all time and all space.

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